The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet-The U.S. Government
"American Economic Exceptionalism Explained"                     USAPonzi                                      by John W. White   Mar 29, 2013

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USAPonzi simply stated: The U.S. Government is borrowing imaginary-counterfeit money ($104.515 Trillion of monopoly money as of 12/17/16) from the future Americans and giving it to the current Americans! The Oswald Financial Bubble

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The U.S. Government has been operating a massive ($100 Trillion) Ponzi scheme since FY1969, which I have named USAPonzi.

       debt to the penny    The Essence of USAPonzi

The U.S. Government is making unaffordable social benefit promises, is pretending to collect taxes to finance these promises but spends the money that is collected to overpay government workers and government related businesses, is not funding the future social benefit promises, is dramatically undertaxing the upper class which appears to make them super wealthy, is leaving the common man with nothing in the social benefit trust fund to pay future social benefit promises, is paying government workers and businesses much more than the taxpayer can afford, and is attempting to conceal this Ponzi scheme with fraudulent accounting.  The U.S. Government is "Cheating the Common Man" to overpay the ruling class and to make the upper class appear super wealthy.

The U.S. Government must adopt GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) Accounting and balance the GAAP basis budget to achieve an equitable and sustainable fiscal policy and terminate this Ponzi scheme.

This is a simple accounting problem with a straight forward solution that has created the potential for a financial catastrophe of epic proportions.  The U.S. Government is overspending, overpromising, undertaxing, and using corrupt and fraudlent accounting.  If the U.S. Government is going to make future promises it must accrue for these promises.  Case closed!   Any honest CPA and any honest economist will tell you that.  But the politicians do not want to hear it, the ruling class does not want to hear it, and the upper class is intoxicated by the massive faux wealth that USAPonzi is producing.

The continued use of Cash Accounting has caused
 dramatic distortions in our economy and our financial system.  It has appeared to make the ruling class prosperous and the upper class super prosperous and super rich while cheating almost everybody else.   How can this be right?  There is nothing fair about it!  It is amazing to me that this has to be explained to the Government of the United States of America.

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As The Anatomy of USAPonzi explains, Lyndon B. Johnson and the 90th Congress started the lying that created USAPonzi in FY1969 with the "Unified Budget".   But every President and every Congress since then has agreed to continue the lying.  It has also taken a lot of people (co-conspirators) along the way that have been willing to keep quiet and let USAPonzi continue to operate.  But USAPonzi is such an intoxicating scheme that the people in Washington, the people on Wall Street, and the people on Main Street have all been willing to let the lying continue.  Ponzi schemes can be really fun for the early investors but they are always painful, even devastating, for the late investors as we will find out when USAPonzi implodes.

The U.S. Government is overspending, overcommitting, undertaxing, and lying (by using corrupt and fraudulent accounting) and as a result is running "The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet". 

I have named this Ponzi Scheme USAPonzi.

The U.S. Government is using Cash Accounting when it should be using GAAP Accounting, and as a result is

   dramatically understating our deficit spending by $5.9 Trillion,
   dramatically understating our Financial Liabilities by $79.3 Trillion
   dramatically stimulating the U.S. GDP by 1.8X (see U.S. "Real" GDP June 20, 2014), 
and dramatically overstating the value of U.S. private assets by 7X (see U.S. Total Assets Bubble).

                             Cash Accounting    GAAP Accounting
FY2014 Deficit          $514 Billion                   $6.4 Trillion
Financial Liabilities   $17.7 Trilllion Debt        $97.0 Trillion Obligation (Debt plus Unfunded Liabilities)
(as of August 1, 2014)

By undertaxing the U.S. citizens and businesses over the last 46 Years by $97.0 Trillion (thereby creating this GAAP Obligation), U.S. citizens and businesses appear to be $97.0 Trillion richer (see U.S. Total Assets Bubble) than they really are and U.S. businesses appear to be much more successful, profitable, and valuable than they really are.

These Financial Liabilities of $97.0 Trillion have been pushed off on the future taxpayers and they have no hope of ever paying for these liabilities since the current taxpayers are only paying taxes of $3.0 Trillion in FY2014 when our cash outlays are $3.68 Trillion and these Financial Liabilities (GAAP Obligation) are increasing by our GAAP Deficit of $6.4 Trillion in FY2014.

Plus the $3.0 Trillion of income in FY2014 is overstated by $1.36 Trillion since the U.S. GDP is overstated by 1.8X due to this $6.4 Trillion of GAAP basis deficit spending. (see U.S. "Real" GDP June 2014)

This is a classic Ponzi Scheme of unprecedented magnitude that has created $97.0 Trillion of Phantom Money out of "thin air". 

USAPonzi will be a $100 Trillion Ponzi Scheme by February 2015!

For a "cliff note" analysis of this Ponzi scheme, I recommend that you read my commentary The Anatomy of USAPonzi.

It is a mathematical certainty that the United States of America (and the entire planet) is headed toward a financial catastrophe of epic proportions and yet the powers that be in Washington will not acknowledge the fact that they have been lying to the world by using fraudulent accounting since 1969.

By using Cash Accounting, the U.S. Government is reporting deficit spending of $514 Billion for FY2014 when proper GAAP Accounting would report deficit spending of $6.4 Trillion.  That is the current magnitude of the U.S. Government's "deficit lie".

This lie is causing the rich to appear to get filthy rich (by about 5%/year) and the poor to get desperately poor (by about 5%/year). (see Rich get Richer/Poor get Poorer)

This lie has pumped $97.0 Trillion of smoke into the U.S. Total Assets Bubble making the rich appear to be 7 times as rich as they really are.

This lie has left the elderly and underprivileged with nothing in their social benefit trust fund that should have $84.3 Trillion in it to fund the social benefits that the U.S. Government has promised.

To pay for what Washington is currently spending everyday and the new promises to spend in the future that Washington is making everyday, the following invoices are getting sent out:

                            If paid             Daily                      Monthly              Yearly
        Current taxpayers       $8.2 Billion            $250 Billion     $3,000 Billion
        Future taxpayers       $17.6 Billion            $535 Billion     $6,422 Billion

The $3,000 Billion is the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate of the amount of revenues that the U.S. Government will collect from current taxpayers in FY2014.

The $6,422 Billion owed this fiscal year by future taxpayers is the USAPonzi estimate of the FY2014 GAAP deficit shown in cell j22 of the USAPonzi Fiscal Model.

The amount due by these future taxpayers, when paid, will be much larger than the stated amount on their invoice since this is the current amount due and they will also owe the accrued compound interest on this invoice amount.  This could be sizeable since some of these future taxpayers are not yet born.

Current taxpayers are now paying for less than a third of what Washington is spending and committing.  But that is the definition of a Ponzi scheme, early participants in the scheme get paid by future participants in the scheme, and the way USAPonzi is structured if you want to be a citizen of the USA you are required to participate.

American Exceptionalism

We have begun to hear some high profile discussion as to whether or not America and Americans are exceptional.  I am of the opinion that the United States is the bastion of freedom and democracy for the free world and one of the most productive and successful countries in history but at the same time I feel that we have dramatically overstated our economic success because of USAPonzi.  We take great pride and comfort in being able to field the most powerful military in the world but to do so we spend more in our defense and the defense of the free world than the next 13 highest defense spending countries in the world combined but we cannot afford this level of spending.  We take pride in providing social benefits to our citizens in need but we have made commitments that cannot possibly be kept.   And we continue to be an attractive country for immigrants because of our apparent economic success.  However, much of the reported productivity and economic success of America in the last 46 years is an illusion that can be attributed to the USAPonzi scheme that is analyzed on this website( 


American Economic Exceptionalism Explained

American Economic Exceptionalism (and USAPonzi) can be explained in two sentences:   The Federal Government has made social benefit commitments and other budget commitments that are unaffordable, since fiscal year 1969 has not been taxing nearly enough to adequately fund these commitments, has been immediately "borrowing" and spending every penny of the money meant to fund our social benefit trust funds, and each year has been borrowing or printing even more money to support our total annual spending appetite.  The Federal Government, since fiscal year 1969, has been dramatically understating the magnitude of this overcommitting, overspending, and undertaxing by using fraudulent accounting techniques.

We have been doing this for so long it now seems okay!!!!

But couldn't you live a more lavish lifestyle if you did not save even one penny for your retirement and future emergencies and on top of that could borrow or print more money each and every year to supplement your day to day living expenses?

Well, that is what the U.S. Government has been doing for 46 years!!!

The U.S. Government is overcommitting, overspending, undertaxing, lying, and bankrupt!!!

The U.S. Government is operating

"The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet"


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Feb 4, 2014 The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report today that states that the 2014 Cash deficit is now expected to be down to only $514B due largely to increases in tax revenues that are now expected to be $3,000B.   This $514B Cash deficit compares to my estimate of a $6,422B GAAP deficit for Fiscal Year 2014.  This means that if the Government was reporting our financial results with proper accounting the deficit would be 12.7 times larger than what the Government is reporting.   Since tax revenues are now expected to be $3,000B in Fiscal Year 2014 and our GAAP deficit is estimated to be $6,422B, we are spending and increasing our promises to spend by more than 3.14 times our income. (($3,000B+$6,422B)/$3,000B=3.14) 

This means that on an average day in Fiscal Year 2014 we take in $8.2B from current taxpayers and we take $17.6B from future taxpayers! 

This means that while the Fed is printing $75B a month the Federal Government is virtually printing $535B a month.   This all started with LBJ's Unified Budget and the continued use of Cash Accounting.  By taking just a little bit from future taxpayers each day for now nearly 46 years and increasing that amount each day we are now taking $17.6B a day and have taken a total of $93.8 Trillion from future taxpayers and given it to current citizens and businesses.

Is it any wonder that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are multi-billionaires.  Is it any wonder that we have 1,426 billionaires.  Is it any wonder that we have millions of millionaires.  Is it any wonder that we have hundreds of billion dollar companies.  Is it any wonder that we have 287 billion dollar hedge funds.  Is it any wonder that the stock market goes up nearly every day.  

USAPonzi ( is pumping $17.6B (and going up about 5% year) into the U.S. economy every day and all because of a simple little accounting trick by LBJ so that he could make it look like he balanced his Fiscal Year 1969 budget.

Feb 3, 2014 What happens when USAPonzi implodes?   Could Washington DC suffer a plight similar to that of Detroit?  Washington DC-A Coming Ghost Town?

Jan 28, 2014 Today the SEC acknowledged receipt of my Whistleblower Complaint.

Jan 24, 2014 Page "My Recommendations" on this website details the actions I feel we should take to get us as a country on a stable, sustainable fiscal path.

Jan 17, 2014 This article Task Force Report Urges Municipalities to Stop Hiding Fiscal Troubles explains how inapproriate accounting by Municipalities is misleading their citizenry.  Use of inappropriate/fraudulent accounting is precisely how USAPonzi is misleading U.S. citizens.

Dec 11, 2013 Our Government is Totally Broke! An article from Yahoo Finance (October 7, 2013) by Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics Boston Univerisity. 




This website is provided to present my views as to the state of the U.S. (and world) economy.  It is my contention that many national governments, many state and local governments, and some companies are making financial commitments to their constituents that are unsustainable and as a result these entities are running Ponzi schemes. 

The U.S. Federal Government has been using fraudulent accounting for 46 years (since fiscal year 1969)

and as a result is running 

"The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet" (USAPonzi). 

This fraud would be exposed immediately if only the U. S. Federal Government would follow it's own rules and report it's financial condition using GAAP accounting or better yet with Fiscal Gap accounting.

There is now an effort underway to bring a bipartisan bill (the INFORM ACT) to congress that essentially requires that the Federal Government prepare GAAP-basis financial statements annually but actually would take our financial assessment and reporting to full disclosure of all of our future liabilities and commitments with Fiscal Gap accounting.

The INFORM ACT is a bipartisan bill introduced, in the Senate, by Senator Kaine (Democrat from Virginia) and Senator Thune (Republican from South Dakota) and co-sponsored by Senator Coons (Democrat from Delaware) and Senator Portman (Republican from Ohio). Congressman Cooper (Democrat from Tennessee) and Congressman Shock (Republican from Illinois) have introduced the bill in the House.

The INFORM ACT requires the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the General Accountability Office (GAO), and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to do fiscal gap and generational accounting on an annual basis to assess the sustainability of fiscal policy and measure, on a comprehensive basis, the fiscal obligations facing our children and future generations. The ACT also permits Congress to request fiscal gap accounting and generational accounting to evaluate major proposed changes to fiscal policy.


This bill has been endorsed by over 1000 economists, including 17 Nobel Laureates in Economics.

Because of this USAPonzi scheme the United States is headed toward what is called, in mathematics, a point of discontinuity for our Government's financial system.   In Ponzi scheme parlance, you would call it the implosion point; i.e. the point when the investors in the Ponzi scheme come to the realization that the "owner" of the Ponzi scheme cannot continue to pay returns to them at the rate the scheme is promising.   Unfortunately, when such a point is reached in a financial system, the result is called "bankruptcy".

The global financial system approached this point of discontinuity in 2008 but the chief Ponzi master (the U.S. Government) doubled down on the system with fiscal stimulus and financial backing for the GSEs, the 'too big to fail" banks, and the automotive industry.   This so far has appeared to work, but the big kahuna problem of the U.S. Government's Ponzi scheme was not resolved (or even addressed) by these actions, it was only kicked down the road by adding $6.2 Trillion to our Federal Debt and $19.8 Trillion to our Federal Obligation just over the fiscal years 2009-2012! (see details in Table 1 of Cooking the Books!)   We have now completed fiscal year 2013 (ended September 30, 2013) and I do not have the official financial report for FY2013 but unofficially we added $688 Billion to our Federal Debt during this past fiscal year.  Plus we went on a "Borrowing Binge" after fiscal year 2013 ended and just after the Goverment Shutdown; immediately borrowing $328.3 Billion in one day.   (see Government Shutdown Oct 2013 )

About the website.

This website includes a series of website pages and White Papers that attempt to present the rationale for why I have this view and also includes my thoughts (see My Recommendations) on how we might escape this Ponzi scheme that Congress has created over the past several decades.  The pace of this Ponzi scheme has accelerated since the turn of the millennium and therefore the analysis presented on this website and the associated White Papers focuses on that period.

This website and the associated White Papers are made available for informational purposes and the conclusions presented herein are my own personal views.  While I accept full responsiblity for any errors that presented in these documents, I want my readers to know that I am not responsible for this Ponzi scheme nor am I culpable in any of the reprecussions that may arise caused by the implosion of USAPonzi.   I am merely documenting my interpretation of what I am observing.

These documents were prepared at different points in time and therefore some of the data in one document may differ somewhat from other documents as it is my intent to provide current status of the information in each writing.

Qvalue definition:

On various pages on this website you will see the term Qvalue used.   This term means the "questionable value" of the massive GAAP-basis Deficit spending that USAPonzi has presented to the U.S. and global economy over the last 46 years ( estimates this to be $91.7 Trillion by September 30, 2013).   It is questionable because it is not sustainable.   Much of this Qvalue will evaporate when USAPonzi implodes much like the value of the Madoff client portfolios evaporated when Madoff Ponzi imploded (see Phantom Money).

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This website is no longer supported. John Williams' "Shadow Government Statistics" No. 500 Special Commentary February 5, 2013

Note: I used the Comeback America Initiative data as my primary source for financial data for this website and the associated White Papers for writings published before midyear 2013 when I switched to

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

U.S. Government Financial Data (1969-2013)  Source:

Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff Professor of Economics Boston University on USAWatchdog
Dr. Kotlikoff explains legislation that he is supporting (actually drafted the wording in the legislation) to get the Government to abide by proper accounting standards.
This legislation is endorsed by over 1000 economists including 15 Nobel Laureates in Economics.

Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff: "Our Government is Totally Broke" 

Dallas Morning News-News Tip Sept 10, 2014


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