USAPonzi-The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet-The U.S. Government

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Mar 2013

The original purpose of this website was to provide a place to publicly post some of my earlier writings which are listed below. I think "The Tale of Three Bubbles" best describes my original rationale for publishing this website and the eventual publishing of my book "USAPonzi". However, I have been concerned about this problem since the 1980's when I first started being mystified by how some people and companies were becoming very very rich while seeming to do little or nothing.

, U.S. Government fraud, is the reason.

The financial data used in these "White Papers" were originally sourced from the "Comeback America" effort that was funded by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and from a newsletter that published publicly available information on its website As these "White Papers" confirmed my suspicions that the U.S. Government was operating a Ponzi scheme, I created the name "USAPonzi" to give this issue an identity. When started posting information on a GAAP basis in early 2015, I then had a realtime estimate of U.S. Government financial information to support my assertions.

I think that most everyone has known for sometime that the U.S. Government was making financial commitments that were unsupportable, but it is the magnitude of these over commitments that are a surprise to most, including the senior leadership of the U.S. Government. Deferring the payment of these over commitments to the future Americans is what produces this Ponzi scheme.

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