USAPonzi-The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on the Planet-The U.S. Government

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Illegal Immigration-A Byproduct of USAPonzi
Jul 2, 2014

is encouraging Illegal Immigration for two reasons: 

Reason 1
: Because of the uncontrolled spending on social benefits that USAPonzi enables, the financial benefits provided to people living in the U.S. (including illegal immigrants) are often more beneficial than many (maybe even most) other countries can offer in the way of either a job or social benefits.  Therefore people are prepared to take great risk to enter the United States under almost any conditions.  We must stop offering anything more than minimal social benefits to Illegal Immigrants.  It would clearly be nice to offer everyone on the planet an income of $1 Million a year but even the most liberal Americans know that is not feasible.  Also even the most conservative Americans know that It is not proper to not help the underprivileged.  So the answer to the question as to how much social benefits the Federal Government can promise to the underprivileged is clearly somewhere between no social benefits at all and $1 Million a year but what is the desirable and affordable level?  By using an inappropriate accounting methodology we have no way of knowing what level of benefits can be affordably offered.  That is why we must adopt GAAP Accounting.

Reason 2:
Because the social benefits offered to U.S. Citizens by USAPonzi are so "attractive", many U.S. citizens that might otherwise perform entry level and manual labor jobs will choose to not work and instead live off of government provided handouts.  As a result, people are clamoring to come to the U.S. to fill what are, on a relative basis, good paying even high paying jobs.  Of course the outrageous social benefits currently being promised are not affordable but the Government's use of corrupt and fraudulent accounting masks that unaffordability.

Our Immigration problem would be dramatically minimized if we did not offer such rich financial rewards for people that are entering the United States illegally and if the social benefit promises to U.S. citizens were limited to a level that is affordable within a GAAP basis balanced budget..

Fraud and corruption is rampant in Washington D.C and in the administration of the social benefit programs enacted by the U.S. Government.   Much of this fraud and corruption is enabled by the use of improper accounting by the Federal Government since the Government puts no limit on social benefit payments.  This fraud and corruption would be dramatically curtailed if the U.S. Government was required by law to be fiscally responsible.  These benefit programs will have to be structured in a way so that beneficiaries of these programs in total only receive benefits that are affordable based on a GAAP basis balanced budget.

Over the last 46 years we have overspent our budget by $96.5 Trillion.  
And that is why the Government is running a Ponzi scheme.

We like to think that people are wanting to immigrate to the United States because we are "The Shining City upon a Hill".   Instead people are wanting to immigrate to the United States because of the "fraud and corruption on THE HILL"!  (see U.S. Government-A Lawless Enterprise).

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